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  Shaykh Abdullah Moschee

Sheikh Adnan Kabbani delivers a heart felt spiritual account about Grand Sheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghistani in his remarkable film that reveals some of the many secrets and high stations of the Saint of all Saints, Sultan of all Awliya.

The film begins with a tour of the newly completed Maqam of Grand Sheikh in Damascus, Syria on Mount Qassiun where Sheikh Adnan speaks about some of the once before hidden secrets regarding the actual Maqam (tomb of Sheikh Abdullah), the cave of promises, the headquarters of Isa (Jesus) and Imam Mehdi, peace and blessing upon them and their followers. We then here a first hand account from the construction contractor hired to build the Maqam and see rare footage of the construction site.

A film by James McConnell, Produced by Sufi Films 2005, © All Rights Reserved
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