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  Tala al-badru

Tala´ al-badru ´alaina

Freudenlied* freie Übersetzung von Ahmed Kreusch (1994/1415),

Seht, wie der Vollmond uns scheinet

Über dem Dunkel der Welt.

Wie uns die Dankbarkeit einet,

Wie es Allah wohlgefällt.

Bist uns gesandt, dir zu folgen,

Was du gesagt und getan.

Ehre für uns und Medina,

Sei gegrüßt, edelster Mann!

Du bist uns Sonne und Vollmond,

Du bist uns Licht über Licht,

Du bist der Stern, der uns leuchtet,

Liebster, du, unser Prophet.

Unser Herr, Dein Wohlgefallen,

Auf ihm, der Dir immer nah.

Helfer und Schutz von uns allen,

Vorbild für uns immer da.

Tragen jetzt Kleider von Ehre,

Weg sind die Lumpen von Trug.

Uns unsern Glauben vermehre,

Du bist für alle genug.

Segen auf ihn und die Seinen,

Frieden und Heil für die Welt.

Lob und Dank Allah, dem Einen,

Wie’s Ihm am besten gefällt.

Das Kummer-Rad 

von Junus Emre


Freie Übertragung nach dem Osmanischen von Ahmed Kreusch

zur Original-Melodie zu singen



Warum weinst du, Wasserrad, warum weinst du?

Weil ich leide, muss ich weinen illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Ach ich liebe meinen Herrn, ach ich liebe.

Weil ich liebe, muss ich weinen illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Nennt man mich das Kummerrad, nennt man mich.

Fließt mein Wasser immer, immer illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Ein Befehl vom Herrn der Welten, ein Befehl.

Darum wein ich, muss ich weinen illa’llah – Hu - Hu – Hu


Ward gefunden im Gebirge, ward gefunden.

Brachen sie mir Arm und Flügel illa’llah –Hu – Hu – Hu


Machten mich zum Wasserrad, machten mich,

Wasser hol ich und so wein ich illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Bin ein Baum vom Berge, bin ein Baum,

Bin nicht süß und bin nicht bitter illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Immer bitt ich meinen Herrn, immer bitt ich.

Darum wein ich, muss ich weinen illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Alle Zweige abgeschnitten, alle Zweige.

Keiner mehr erkennt mich wieder illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Wasser hol ich immer, immer, Wasser hol ich,

Hol’s von unten, bring’s nach oben illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Sänger bin ich, nimmer ruh ich, Sänger bin ich.

Darum wein ich, muss ich weinen illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


Sing mit mir, Freund Junus Emre, sing mit mir,

Sing mein Lied und weine mit mir illa’llah – Hu – Hu – Hu


(die erste Zeile immer zweimal singen )




Cello- Melody

by Sheikh Hassan Dyck


People go around in east and west

only as a guest,

`til one day they ride in a black car with flowers

having lost all their powers.

They call me to play for the ceremony

at the cemetery.



When they let the coffin in the ground,

I will start my sound

with a mellow Cello melody

At the cemetery.

... waiting for the black  - - -  cadillac!


Even, if there was a multi-millionaire

they will bring him here,

Along his life he was too much troubled

how his money could be doubled.

His mind never rested day and night

Until he died.



When they let the coffin...


Too many people don`t like to stay bound

their feet on the ground,

doing anything in order to fly

except asking why.

Body- motors burning out from so much speed

But they pay no heed.



When they let the coffin...


If I have enough for my daily life

for what more do I strive.

Maybe today or maybe tomorrow

Mum and Dad will be in sorrow,

`cause my coffin is closed with nails everywhere.

I can`t escape from there.



When they let my coffin in the ground

who will start my sound

with the mellow Cello- Melody

at the cemetery?

...waiting for the black - - - cadillac!

The train of the friends

by Sheikh Hassan Dyck


Somebody set out to discover his soul.

He asked a wise man about stations and goal.

My son, if you looked at the danger of high levels

perhaps you wouldn`t dare to go on with your travels.


All you need is to take the train of the friends,

all you need is to ride on the train of the saints.

You need to be on their train –

You need to be on their train!


You just follow and take that train,

trust in the driver, don`t wreck your brain.

Wait and see, he knows the goal.

Your eyes will be opened at the station of your soul.


All you need is...


No matter,what you`re doing there,

they are with you everywhere!

Walking, talking, eating.

The rythm of the train is always beating.


All you need is...


Once a day to keep your balance

You must use the deep rememberance.

Be aware, you`re on their train!

That`s the best way to relieve your pain.


All you need is...


Even if you sleep all day and night,

please, don`t worry, that`s allright.

This train will reach its destination.

They`ll wake you up at your station.


All you need is...










The Cyprus – Song

By Ahmed Kreusch



Mhm-mhm, mhm-mhm.

Fly, little bird. fly to Cyprus.


Take all my wishes and carry them with you,

Watch out for hunters, beware of the mountains,

May Allah bless you, may angels protect you.


This should be used as a refrain and sung together with the audience



Mhm-mhm, mhm-mhm.

When you’ll arrive at Maulana’s


Give him Salam and give him my love.

Drink from his lips and eat from his hand.

Stay in his garden and sing for his pleasure.


Repeat 1.



Mhm-mhm, mhm-mhm.

Then, please go east to Damascus,


Visit the maqams at all holy places.

Stay at Sheikh Anwar’s house, give him Salam

Close to the maqam of Sultan al Auliya.


Repeat 1.



Mhm-mhm, mhm-mhm.

Don’t come back soon, please stay longer.


Wait for me, ‘till I may follow you later.

We two insha’llah may go then on Hadsch,

Going to Holy Medina and Mekka.


Repeat 1.      

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